Chopped. Rolled. Excited.


A Chopp&Roll ice cream parlor can be recognized by the long queue of astonished customers. The manufacturing of ice cream turns into a spectacular experience. The Würzburg based start-up introduces its concept for the first time at the INTERNORGA 2017. Prospective clients, gastronomers, event organizers, potential franchisees and specialized visitors can look forward to magically manufactured ice cream rolls. 

It happens on a minus 30 degrees Celsius cold stainless steel plate: the milk-based ice base crystallizes into ice snow within seconds. The CEOs and ice magicians Mo Shanneik and Timm Dold get in action: They grab the spatulas swiftly and start to chopp – crush/mince – the ice mass directly in front of the costumer. Next, they blend the ice mass with fruits, cookies and a variety of sauces, following the customers request. Afterwards, the mass is smoothened and rolled with the help of a special twist and turn technique. As a topping, customers can choose between peanuts, cream, sauces, flambéed marshmallow skewers and many more. The finalized ice cream rolls are fancily decorated in a costumed cup.

Ice cream from a cold plate: gourmet experience and show highlight 

Finally, the palate is tingled by the ultimate flavour that the costumer craved for during the preparation spectacle. The next costumers are already standing in front of the stainless steel plates, watching the „sushi masters of ice cream“ working, thrilled by their simple, but spectacular techniques. With the diversity of ingredients and toppings, the creativity of the makers and costumers has no limit. Even the basic product can be choosen by the customer: milk-based, lactose-free and vegan ice base literally offer an ice experience for every palate and stomach.

This concept of ice cream manufacturing is new on the German market. It has already passed its trial by fire in other markets. „In Thailand and the USA franchise systems successfully work with this art of ice cream making,“ says Mo Shanneik. The concept will be offered exclusively on the German and European market by the two founders as a franchise.

With a personal touch of course: „Our ice cream machine is made in Germany, our partner is the Deutsche Eisakademie (German ice academy). We also focus on regional products“, explains the Chopp&Roll founder. „Uncompromising freshness is our trump.“

Further press information about Chopp&Roll.

Internorga Fair 17.-21- March 2017

We spent five exciting days at the Internorga, the biggest leading trade fair for gastronomy and hotel industry, in Hamburg. At the newcomers area, we offered our ice rollst to you and received a lot of positive critic. See a short flashback from the fair:

Sat.1 visited us!

The Sat.1nord crew visited us at our booth and featured us in their tv show: Sat.1: „Scoops are an old hat – ice cream is now made on a cold plate.“

RTL featured us!

RTL nord showed a sequence from us at the Internorga. The RTL presenter Christina Lachnitt tried our cookielicious creation: „Mmmh.“


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