With Chopp&Roll we support your way into self-employment. Our franchise system enables you to establish our products on the ice cream market and profit from the benefits of a team at the same time.

The white ground reflects the pure and genuine taste experience that creates a colorful adventure for the taste receptors. Chopp&Roll is the textual visualization of ice creation and preparation, on which the success of the product is based.

In a franchise system you as the franchisee have the opportunity to make yourself independent with an already established business model. Instead of creating your own idea, you take on our concept, becoming an independent entrepreneur. In return you establish our brand in your city, helping us to popularize our brand.

We back the idea of our franchise system a hundred procent. That is why we are keen on our corporate identity that we want to market together with you. Our complete marketing concept bases on our corporate design that we will use to help with your success.

The flavours have been developed thoroughly by us and offer a wide range of choice for every ice cream lover. The customers can create their individual taste experience with our different toppings. However, we love to get your ideas for new delicious flavours and integrate those into our product range after testing them. You could offer your own creation in no time.

We like to explain our vision to you in a personal conversation. You can have a look at our prototype and get a first impression. Self produced video tutorials and instructions help to perfect your technique.

You can find the initial investment of our individual segments on our website under point Franchise and in our first information.

If you want to get on board, you can choose between Choppi 1 or 2, a ChoppiTruck, a satellite or our shop-in-shop module with a fixed price. We receive a certain percentage of your sales provision, the rest is your profit. You need to care about purchasing all the necessary products and further running costs. We want a clear structure for our franchise partners, this is why we do not demand further charges.

Our service includes the required certificates. We will take care of all the necessary permits and licences and love to help you with any official formalities. As an independent entrepreneur you are responsible for complying the permits.

Of course you can choose your own team. Our concept is a win-win-situation because you have all the freedom while we support you with marketing and bureaucracy. Create your self-employment and count on our help.

We support you with advertising and marketing wherever we can. Our advertising material is standardized and thus has a high recognition value. You profit from our wide network of retailers and experts, so that you can fully concentrate on your passion.

There is no possibility to sell other products (beverages etc.). We will explain this to you in a private conversation.

Depending on the module, you have a lot of different retail opportunities. Our Choppi gives you all the freedom with which you can serve on private parties, festivals and public feasts. Everything is possible. We are pleased to offer suggestions and help finding the right location for you.

Our ice base is a mixture of sugar, natural binder and powdered milk. The liquid texture is reached after blending the base with milk and cream.

Upon request of our customers, we developed vegan and lactose-free products, offering delicious alternatives to our classical ice base. We are still working on a gluten-free base and are optimistic that we can offer it in the future.

If you are interested in our franchise system, you can have a non-binding conversation with us. Either in our headquarter in Würzburg, at an exhibition or by telephone conference. For further information, we have created a portfolio with first information that we can send to you. It contains a franchisee data sheet that you fill out and send back to us. After reviewing your data, we invite you to a personal conversation at our headquarter in Würzburg. If we agree on working together, you will receive our calculation help and our precontractual information that you fill out and send back to us. After defining the location together, you receive the final franchise contract. This means that we are in business. We offer trainings for our franchisees, in which you should take part in.

As franchisee of Chopp&Roll Creamery you should identify with the brand “Chopp&Roll” and represent the products in a proper manner. Initiative and enthusiasm for the product is inevitable in order to present our product range to the customers. As Chopp&Roll Ice Cream Rolls are offered during big events you should have organisational skills, be flexible and reliable. The ability to work in a team and cooperation skills are necessary in our big franchise family. For a successful distribution of our brand you should have entrepreneurship and a commitment to success.

Our first package contains:

48kg ice base
2000 Chopp&Roll cups
2000 Chopp&Roll spoons
2 spatulas
2x work clothes
print material

Every franchisee receives two sets of our work clothes, containing:


Print material contains:

Event portfolio
Business cards
Bonus cards

If you already have a store concept, you can extend your product range with our shop-in-shop segment. This is ideal for highly frequented locations with minimal space. Our shop-in-shop segment is perfect for a temporary or permanent installation and only needs 3m^2 of space. It is up to you, if you use the module year-round or seasonal.

Our franchise system enables you to continue with your work even in case of illness. As a franchisee you pay a determined percentage when purchasing the material. You do not have additional costs for the system headquarters. Thus you are safe from running costs in case of no sales.

If you have more questions or need further information you can send us an email at: info@choppnroll.com


Chopp&Roll GmbH
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Mo Shanneik & Timm Dold

Phone: 09303 - 9848277
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